Who’s The Guy In The Black Suit?

Contrary to lazy thinking and folklore, the funeral director (undertaker, mortician, etc.) does not always wear black.  Out here in California, our customs are a bit more relaxed than in the other portions of our nation.  In addition to a couple black suits, I also have two gray ones, a charcoal and a nifty navy blue.  Family funeral homes eschew red (power) ties and we wear just about any matching tie short of Jerry Garcia.  Typically, we try to blend in.

Our clothing may be one thing, our demeanor is a whole other egg under the hen.  The funeral director most people will come back to is the person who genuinely cares about the people he or she serves.  The corporate mess created out of the 90’s model of death care focused on “the bottom line” and how to build the world’s biggest funeral culture.  There’s still a lot of dedicated men and women who serve in family funeral homes with kindness, grace and ethos; with personal service as their purpose for existence.

  • The purposeful funeral director is the person who helps the dead go where they need to go and the living where they need to be. (Thomas Lynch)
  • The appreciated funeral director is the unnoticed person who has his eyes on all the details.
  • The caring funeral director treats his work as a stewardship, as a ministry.
  • The respected funeral director is the one whose name comes to mind first when there is a need.
  • The long-term funeral director is the one who knows the dollars follow quality work, patient ministration and, most important, faithful service.
  • The proven funeral director is the person who sees families of several generations return to his influence and care.

The next time you need the guy (or gal) in the black suit . . .


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