Posted by: Norm | October 25, 2013

Pin-Up Girl

His gnarled hand he placed on the crown of the casket.  Immobile, it held a tension only his eyes and tears would reflect.  For a moment he almost touched, once again, the face of 65 years of faith and love.

Later, he showed me her photo.  She was ‘pin-up’ beautiful.  She should have been discovered at a drugstore at Hollywood and Vine.  Instead, she built this life with him; never wanting anything more, disdaining anything less. He will see her just as she was then when he nods off at night and when he wakes at morn.

The broken and painful body has been given away.  She’s again young and fine and dancing and as giggly as she ever could be.  Dating and Christmas’s and births and savory aromas of a kitchen fueled by love will be his confidants in days to come.

This new hero of mine, deeply into his eyes I see.  This man who loved her well for all those sixty years, the decades melt away.  His body is broken, just as his beloved’s was.  His is supported by sheer tenacity and a humble cane.  But those glistening eye, tell me and the world, once more, she’s healed now.


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