Posted by: Norm | October 25, 2013

Kindergarten Suffering

Some people say suffering is a relative thing.

I have friends who have died of malicious cancers, so ugly and cruel the memory of them still affects me. I’ve seen the results of homicide and stupid decisions in automobiles that have forever altered families. I’ve wept with moms and dads and brothers and sisters at graves dug deep to hold the child of suicide. There is no end to the occurrances of suffering.

And then some fella comes along and says something like, “God must been on vacation yesterday, I burned the oatmeal at breakfast, got off late to work and lost my favorite parking spot near the door, forgot my lunch and had to nibble on yesterday’s half-a-sandwich, I was told my bonus check won’t be here ’til next Wednesday, the cleaners was closed when I got there and my car didn’t start to get me home. So there I sat, in the dark waiting for AAA to come and help. Yeah, there are times God doesn’t care.”

It’s not suffering that’s relative. It’s our definition of it. Most of what we “suffer” over is a self-diagnosed case of inconvenience.


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